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How to Create a Large Dummy File

Now I want to share with you how to create fake file (dummy file) in large size or any size you want.

We just need a command prompt from Windows, and of course make sure your harddisk still have empty space to save the file.

Let’s begin the show…

First, click on Windows START menu > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt

You’ll see command prompt window. Then, you need to direct where these files will be saved. You can use command cd (change drive) if you want to put your file into another drive.

When all is already, you can use this command line:

fsutil file createnew dummy.txt 10485760000

1048576000 is in bytes. Or same as 1GB or 1.000MB. You can change it with any value you want. But remember, in bytes.

Now, you just create an empty file with large size. Congratulation! 😉


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